Our enterprise is private with three holders.

The Fair Trade Ltd. has been processing plaugh-land plants and herbs, and having partners to produce these for the enterprise as well for twelve years now. The productive work had always been under controlled conditions. The company integrates 12 partners, whom together have more than 2000 hectares which they farm on.

In Hungary the Biokontroll Kht. does the controlling functions for the bio crops, seeds, etc. The Biokontroll Kht. is registered in the European Union as an official organization of inquiry, so its certifications and permissions are accepted everywhere in Europe.

We export our products to many European countries, among others our biggest markets are: Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, but our products have reached many other countries besides these as well.


Under determined crop rotation over the last few years our company produced:


*    Wheat for flour, or else

*    Barley

*    Sunflower-seed for oil

*    Soya bean

*    Popcorn

*    Millet

*    Maria dystel

*    Linseed

*    Radish-seed for oil

*    Koriander

*    Caraway, caraway-seed

*    Poppy-seed

*    Pumpkin-seed for oil (We do have an own registered speciemen of pumpkin seed)

*    Mustard-seed

*    Amarantus-seed


We also volunteer for having other plants to grow beside the ones listed above if the wheather and soil conditions are suitable for the plant.

Our plants reach the market in a quality that meets the highest international standards.

Beyond certification of product details by Biokontroll Kht. on request we can certify details by S.G.S., or by any other internationally acknowleged controlling organization.


To improve quality we have established our own processing works for the most important plant we produce: the pumpkin seed. Our technology is unique with many individually designed and manifactured machines, which we improve constantly to be able to meet the highest standards of quality. Here are some picture of our machines.


We have established our own warehouse as well so that the Fair Trade Ltd. could deliver the exported goods on time and in a quality that the buyer requires. The warehouse is fully capable of manintaining bio quality. The goods are moved in containers without human hands touching it.


Please contact us if you wish to take use of our free capacitys, or would like to establish a business relationship with us and would like to secure an option on goods and have them grown for the next year.

Furthermore we would be more than happy and much obliged to you if we could give you any kind of information concearing our enterprise.